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About the room


SMALL TOWN HOTEL is a private hotel. Although it is a small hotel, it is fully equipped with facilities and amenities for a comfortable stay, and there is no need to worry about other guests. Recommended for overnight stays with friends.

For the interior, we used plaster walls made of local materials that are excellent in humidity control and warmth, and donan cedar flooring that is comfortable even on bare feet. In addition, fittings and furniture such as doors, doors, shelves, etc. are mainly used from old buildings in the area, so you can feel the unique atmosphere of Hakodate throughout your stay.

Bedroom x 3, LDK, toilet x 3, bathroom x 3 Recommended capacity 10 people (maximum 13 people)

counter kitchen

It is a counter kitchen that mainly uses old materials and furniture inherited from vintage architecture, which are Hakodate's local resources. Please enjoy the communication born over the counter.

Hammock Terrace

Hammocks are prepared on the open wooden deck made of Donan cedar, and you can enjoy the sound of church bells and ship whistles, enjoy the streetcars coming and going, and feel the daily life of Hakodate. receive.*Spring-Autumn only

wood stove

Hakodate is the birthplace of the stove in Japan. The inn has a heat storage type wood stove that puts safety first. You can experience the "living with fire" that our predecessors invented and permeated.*Winter only




We have games such as UNO, Jenga, minicars, kendama, karuta, etc. that will liven up the special time you can spend without worrying about the surroundings, as well as toys that children can enjoy.


Cassette tapes and records selected by the owner and staff are available. You can also connect to a smart speaker via Bluetooth to play your own playlists or watch online.


You can purchase small souvenirs such as original goods of the inn and goods by local creators.

・Original tote bag

・Mask spray




Wi-Fi, bamboo toothbrush, bath towel, face towel, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, lotion, face wash, outlet, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, cassette player, record player, smart speaker, disposable mask, tableware・Cooking utensils, IH heater

We accept baggage storage before check-in. If you have any requests, please contact us by the day before your arrival.

Baggage storage


*Please check in by 20:00. Please contact us in advance if you will be late for check-in.

*Please refrain from talking in a loud voice outside at night, as it may disturb the neighbors.

CHECK IN 15:00 ~ 20:00

CHECK OUT ~10:00

Check-in/Check-out time

How to spend time in the hotel


About the room

Private Dinner

You can bring in your favorite ingredients to cook, or spend a special private time surrounded by delicious food unique to Hakodate purchased from nearby shops.

Fresh Morning

Please enjoy your morning coffee in the living room where the morning sun is pleasant. We also have a toaster, so you can warm up delicious bread and baked goods.

Terrace BBQ

In the open courtyard, you can enjoy a barbecue while looking out over the old town.

*Reservations are required in advance.

You can use the grill, grill, and chairs, but please prepare ingredients and charcoal at nearby shops.

*Because it is outdoors, it cannot be used in rainy weather or in winter.

About facilities

The Daisanzaka Building, which is adjacent to SMALL TOWN HOTEL, is designated as a traditional building of Hakodate City. We want you to enjoy traditional buildings casually, and we want to be a base where travelers and locals can interact.


A café-restaurant serving seasonal organic vegetable dishes from the region in a wonderful space created by renovating a traditional storehouse. Basically, it is only open for lunch and cafe time, but there are irregular pop-up dinners that require reservations, and you can check it on the store account.


A shisha (hookah) lounge with a luxurious interior space that retains the look of Hakodate's vintage architecture. Even if you are new to shisha, the staff will kindly give you a lecture. There are some that do not contain nicotine, so even if you don't usually smoke, please try it.

*Minors are not allowed to enter

Hakodate Daisanzaka Office

It is a shared office that can be used by those who want to work while traveling. The owner, who lives in both Tokyo and Hakodate, runs the place with the desire to be a bridge between Tokyo and Hakodate, so it may be possible to support various encounters in the city. It is also possible to consult about renting as a venue for pop-up projects.


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